Which Website Builder is Best For SEO


Investing in SEO Sandton can be overwhelming to a business. Before making any financial commitment, there is a need to determine the time and financial investment to give a company a healthy return. Search engine optimization encompasses all aspects of site-building and content development.

The main principle of SEO is to create an outstanding user experience that will make the consumer trust in the company. SEO is how web content improves its chances of appearing in the search results of giant sites like Google. SEO ensures that search engines know how to find you. After understanding the importance of SEO, the next big thing will be to determine the best website builder for SEO.

The Best Website Builder Is Easy To Build

Nothing is frustrating as picking on a website builder that is complicated to use. It would be best if you chose a website builder that is easy to use and supports you in climbing up the search results. The best website builders are easy to implement. They also teach the target customers and give you all the support that you need to climb up the ladder.

The Five Best Website Builders for SEO

With so many website builders today, it is essential that you be informed on the best builders. The five best website builders that are easy to use and offer optimum support to the customers are:

  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • GoDaddy
  • WordPress

Each of the above website builders has unique features that suit the diverse needs of the customers. If you are unsure, consulting with an SEO specialist about this is usually the best solution.


If you are an SEO beginner, then Wix is perfect for you. Wix does not require any coding knowledge use. The SEO functions of Wix are easy to follow because all that is needed is to drag and drop as instructed by the site editor. Wix has a built-in SEO that saves time for downloading apps and widgets. Wix is affordable 


Weebly contains several high quality and helpful apps. The web builder has an SEO app that gives SEO tracking by the use of integrated apps. The website builder also offers the option of customizing the URLs for each page of your site to appeal to search engines. The disadvantage of using Weebly is that you cannot edit product photos


If you have experience with SEO, then Squarespace website builder is for you.  Squarespace is an advanced platform and hence not for beginners. It allows you to add your code, which opens up new opportunities for advanced techniques.  The builder has a structured interface that is easy to edit.


GoDaddy is an SEO wizard with a built-in tool. The tool asks a few questions then suggests to you the best keywords to target for your site. GoDaddy also has a paid service team that researches your target market.


WordPress is suitable for people who want hands-on experience in SEO. The website builder has optimized themes that are designed with SEO rankings in mind. The site allows you to edit your meta descriptions and titles.