What is Mobile SEO?

Mobile SEO Explained

Looking to understand mobile SEO? Let our Johannesburg SEO team explain how it works. With over 50% of all internet visits taking place from mobile devices, Google is giving preference to websites that are designed to be easy to use on these devices. With this development it is important for website owners and developers to know what mobile SEO is.

Mobile SEO is the practice of developing your website pages to be well optimized for mobile based internet queries in search engines.

A lot of webmasters know and practice some SEO to get their pages ranking high on the search engine result pages. What is not well known though is mobile SEO. Here are some factors to consider when carrying out mobile SEO.

Responsive Design

Responsive web design is the biggest driver of mobile SEO. With Google’s preference of mobile friendly websites, responsive design in the development of websites gives them a great advantage.

Responsive design means that developers create websites that adapt to the medium that they are accessed from through coding. When a responsive website is accessed from a smartphone or a tablet, it changes its dimensions automatically to fit perfectly on the screen of the access devices.

Separate URLs

Another factor to consider for a good mobile SEO is to have separate URLs for a mobile and desktop website. While browsing on your phone, you may have come across websites with an “m” prefix. This denotes that the website you are on, is made for the exclusive access from mobile devices.

Mobile specific devices enhance the customer experience making it comfortable to scroll up or down the page with a mobile device.

Dynamic Serving

Dynamic serving is enabling your website to render its HTML and CSS code differently depending on the device used to access it. To do this successfully, it is important that you vary your HTTP headers.

Why you should take mobile SEO seriously

Now that you know what to consider in mobile SEO, here are some benefits of good mobile SEO.

Lower page bounce

If you have poor mobile SEO, you will definitely see that visitors to your website do not stay long enough to engage with your content. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly to avoid this.

Improved search engine rankings

This is the ultimate end of SEO.

With Google’s mobile first indexing, good mobile SEO on your website means that you are likely to get better search engine result rankings. Improving your website’s mobile SEO is a good way to see your website on the first page of Google search results.

More customer engagement

With more people accessing websites through their phones, good mobile SEO on your website (& keyword density) ensures that you get greater customer engagement. With easy to access and view call to action buttons, mobile friendly sites will enhance customer response.


Mobile SEO is ensuring that your website is well optimized for mobile devices. Responsive website design is the best way to enhance your mobile SEO, it is encouraged by Google and other search engines and also easy to implement for website developers.