What is a SEO Specialist?


A SEO specialist, or SEO expert, is a professional who optimizes websites to ensure they rank higher in search engine results. Our SEO Sandton experts have the relevant expertise and experience to help websites to attract more traffic through search engine results. The primary role of a SEO specialist is to create more opportunities for companies to close sales. 

SEO specialists optimize website pages to grow site traffic, creating brand awareness, and ranking web pages in relevant search results. They use smart on-page SEO tactics, keywords, clean URLs, and internal linking to make a website more visible to search engines. This ultimately drives more traffic to the site, which translates to increased sales. 

As a SEO specialist, one is also tasked with implementing and maintaining meta titles and tags, 404 errors, and URL redirects. It is also the work of the SEO specialist to monitor the competition’s web presence, looking for ways to edge them out. SEO specialists also monitor Google search consoles and other webmaster tools, identify opportunities for link building, and negotiate contracts with vendors and agencies. 

Some SEO specialists work closely with the creative and marketing team to develop new marketing initiatives and ensure relevant social media presence for increased engagement. 

How can you become a SEO specialist? 

Working as a SEO specialist is one of the best careers anyone can take up if you love working with data and words. You get to work with SEO companies like betterseo.co.za to help thousands of websites to rank better in search engine results.  

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is still a relatively new field in the world of marketing. For this reason, it may be challenging to find a college offering four years of SEO programs. If you do not find one, other ways of training to become a SEO specialist include:

  • Taking SEO course or courses
  • Learning SEO using hands-on experience by working on your website
  • Working as a SEO marketing agent
  • Understanding website builders for SEO 
  • Taking on SEO clients 
  • Learning SEO online. You can get certificate and degree courses online.
  • Working as an ‘in house’ SEO specialist. 

Apart from learning SEO, it would help if one already has a marketing degree. It makes it easier for you to understand most SEO concepts. 

Skills you must have to become a successful SEO specialist 

To become one of the best SEO specialists in the market, you have to be proficient in multiple areas in digital marketing. You first need to have the core SEO skills that include working with title tags optimization, Web design, and writing. 

Other essential skills to have include:

  • Ability to identify high volume SEO keywords with low competition 
  • An understanding of HTML
  • Knowing where and how to add keywords to a web page for maximum results 
  • At least intermediate copywriting skills 
  • Proficiency in visual content optimization
  • Proficiency in link promotion and building 
  • having an eye for new SEO trends and changes in search engine algorithm changes
  • An understanding of the effect of technical SEO to rankings 

Working as a SEO specialist is one of the most fulfilling careers in modern day. As more and more people take their business online, it is undoubtedly the career of the future.