What Companies Use SEO?


As an SEO company, we’ve seen first hand how SEO or Search Engine Optimization can benefit most businesses. When you have a product or service, there is always someone who needs it in some capacity. The client could be an end-user or a middle-man looking to sell the product to the end-consumer.

As a business, you need to ensure that your customer can easily find you when need be, and this is where SEO comes in. When you have an SEO strategy, a potential customer can search on a search engine for the relevant terms that will lead them to your business. Some of the businesses that benefit most from SEO companies include:

Professional Services

Your website is your main gateway to welcome customers into your business. Studies have proven that 80% of people search online for what they need before they buy anything. A customer will head to your website to see the type of services or products you provide.

They will read other customers’ reviews to gauge what your quality level is like. If your site does not show up in a Google search, nobody will ever know your business exists. Professional services include IT consultants, accountants, etc., and most will look for companies within their locale.

Medical Practices

General physicians, dentists, gynecologists, oncologists, and other medical practitioners also provide essential services. Most people will look for medical services within their areas. If you are new in an area, the easiest thing is to turn to Google to search for services. Local SEO is definitely worth the money and is an excellent way to ensure that people locate your medical practice above your competition.

Home Repairs or Renovations

Home repair and renovations are one of the services in dire need of local SEO services. Most people who need to repair or renovate a home will search on Google for the nearest business offering these services. Using local SEO ensures that your repair company pops up when people search for home repair, renovation, or home décor.

Online Businesses

Online businesses have become a dime a dozen. To make your business stand out, you need to use SEO to garner leads via search engines. Most companies that operate online do not have physical stores, meaning they solely work online. For people to find your online business, you need to establish a robust online presence. SEO, along with user-generated content, social media engagement, and mobile optimization, are some of the ways you can grow your business and top-rank it on search engines.


The restaurant business has stiff competition which can make SEO companies charge more. When people want to eat out, they resort to looking up the nearest restaurants in their area. If you specialize in a specific cuisine or multiple-cuisines, a Google search on Italian, Chinese, Mediterranean cuisines should bring your restaurant’s name to the fore. To make this possible, an SEO campaign will propel your business to rank at the top.


These are not the only businesses that can benefit from SEO. Every business has competitors, and people are always searching on Google. SEO makes sure that your business ranks on the first pages when people search for the product or service you offer. Unfortunately, people are not very patient, and they only pick what appears on the first pages of a search engine. A vigorous SEO campaign will get search engines to recognize your business as an authority on a particular niche, and the algorithm will rank you among the top.