Is SEO Worth the Money?

What SEO can do for your business

For over a decade now, SEO Johannesburg has been the talk of most digital marketers. For some, it’s the key to exponentially unlocking organic traffic, and to others, SEO is dead.

This contradiction in the industry has given most business owners a tough time deciding whether to invest in SEO. And with the costs of SEO sky-rocketing by the day, more and more owners are now asking;

“Is SEO worth the money?”

In this article, we will answer this question and help you make the right decision for your business SEO needs.

There is a reason why millions of companies use SEO today. And it’s merely because SEO works for them. If done correctly, SEO is the best way to generate a ton of organic traffic and increase your income-generating opportunities.

How you ask?

Well, Google uses SEO to rank your website. So, with the proper SEO techniques and campaigns, your website can get to rank on Google’s first page for specific keywords.

This drastically improves your visibility on the search engine, and hence increasing the number of visitors to your website. You can then develop an effective sales funnel to convert those visitors into customers.

Moreover, SEO has also proven to provide a high ROI. You can expect a 100% – 400% ROI, or even more with a good SEO practice. 

Value of SEO for your Business

Before jumping to conclusions, here’s an example of how much value SEO can add to your business.

Assuming you run an online store, which drives around 5,000 visitors and has a conversion rate of 5%, with R1,700 profit, you expect to earn a R425,700 profit.

By doubling your organic traffic, you’ll now be looking at 10,000 visitors and 500 customers. This will then translate to a R851,400 profit. Suppose you spent R170,200 for your SEO investment, the ROI for this venture then would be:

(Profit – Investment- Initial profit)/investment spent on SEO:

851,400 – 170,200 – 425,700 =255,500/170,200 =1.5 or 150% ROI

Based on the calculations above (approximations), you can see that a small increase in your traffic can significantly boost your business revenue.

SEO vs. Pay per click traffic

You might still be wondering if SEO is better than paid traffic.  After all, paid traffic gives you instant results! But should you really go for PPC?

Here’s what you should know before choosing either of the two. If you’re looking for fast traffic, then PPC is your strategy. If you’re looking for quality traffic and leads that convert to customers, then SEO is the way to go – nobody trusts ads anyway!

Lastly, if you’re looking for cost-effective traffic, then SEO is your technique. PPC may seem cheap at first, but in the long run, you may end up spending more money. Remember, you’re paying per click!

So, is SEO worth the money?

Absolutely Yes! SEO is one of the best investments you can have for your business. True, it will take time, and it seems quite expensive, but it results in more traffic and more leads for your products and services. See more about SEO costs in South Africa here. 

Just be sure to hire a quality SEO company that understands the business, and has proven to have experience with the Google algorithm.

Don’t let your competitors have the lion’s share in the market, get an SEO company like Better SEO, and start dominating!