Is SEO Still Relevant in 2020?

Google has made several algorithm updates in recent years. Moreover, there have been changes made in the Google results page as well, and not just for SEO Cape Town. Hence, the question arises: is SEO still relevant in 2020? 

Why, yes, it is! Maybe you need to tweak your SEO techniques some but it is still relevant as a marketing tool. Even giant corporations rely on SEO for favorable ranking on search engines. After all, just about every business has gone online. 

Should You Invest in SEO in 2020? 

Most definitely. If there was ever a time to get serious with SEO, it is now. It still holds its position as the most effective tool for online marketing. For a business to get seen online, it needs to be ranked high on the search engine results page. Effective SEO helps with this. 

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

SEO is a process of increasing quality organic traffic to your website from the search results engine page. Simply put, SEO involves tweaking your website design to boost its appeal to a search engine. This includes improving your site’s content. SEO can definitely be learnt from scratch but requires time. 

Organic traffic accounts for the majority of visitors browsing websites. Sharing your website posts to social media platforms helps to refer users to your site via the links you provide.

How Does Organic Traffic Benefit You? 

Organic traffic does more than get your website visitors. Here are a few more ways your website and ultimately, your business benefits from organic traffic.

Most people Ask Google for Answers

Most internet users turn to Google for answers to just about every question. They also use the search engine to find the following:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Information

Even social media users are referred to Google when they ask questions. A favorite phrase used in many social media circles is ‘Make Google Your Friend’. 

Google Traffic and User Intent

Google searches provide information on any product or service. For instance, a user who needs roofing services may type something like ‘roofing services in LA’. They will get several sites that provide the service in the indicated area. This makes the world of SEO such an interesting career

The right keywords can get your business found easily on Google by people interested in your product. Some of the visitors to your site will convert to customers if they find what they need. 

Is SEO Worth in 2020?

It is worth it. What you want to understand is that some SEO techniques are obsolete in 2020. Google has updated its algorithm to exclude poor quality content. Therefore, it behooves you to create quality and relevant content for your website. This includes the following:

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Written content (articles, blog posts et al)

Google has become quite intelligent as well as picky. It can easily separate high-quality content from inadequately optimized spam. Those SEO practices of yore that reeked of spam will not work in 2020. These include:

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Plagiarism
  • Clickbait captions
  • Slow and dubious sites
  • Backlinks to your site that are spam-like


SEO may be even more relevant today than it was a few years ago. In 2020, every business and service provider worth their salt has gone online. Also, online shopping has increased sharply. While the pandemic may be the cause of the increase, online transactions are here to stay. 

Hence, businesses must ensure that they are easily found online to compete effectively. SEO is the one tried and tested way to direct traffic to your website.