How Much Keyword Density is Good for SEO?

When it comes to Johannesburg SEO, all that web owners want to know is when and how they will get their websites ranking on the first page of search engine results pages. With over 12 billion websites on the internet already and a million new websites every day, getting your website to rank highly on search engines and to get a regular stream of visitors depends on a lot of factors.

Keyword density is one of these factors, and, it is an important factor. It is such an important factor that many people who come up with website content give it a high consideration.

So, How Much Keyword Density is Good for SEO?

In the early years of SEO, keyword density was an essential part of high rankings on Google. Today, the requisite, or good, keyword density is about 2-4%. But this highly depends on your competitors. 

What is a keyword in website content?

In SEO, a keyword refers to a word or set of words that bring out the essence of the content on the web post or text.

Keywords are also the words that internet users key in to their search engines when looking for something. Keywords make it easy for internet users to find the website that has content relevant to their search.

When searching for information on a particular sports team, for example, the keyword is the term that you enter onto your search engine’s search bar.

What is keyword density?

Keyword density is the number of times that a particular keyword appears in a website page or blog post. It is calculated as a percentage of the number of the total words on the post. If a web post has 1000 words, and a particular keyword or phrase appears ten times, keyword density is 1%. Keep in mind to never use too many keywords on your page. 

What is the ideal keyword density?

In the early years of SEO, keyword density was an essential part of high rankings on Google and other search engines.

As search engines have become smarter and complicated, keyword density has reduced in its importance. What is now more important, is that the content on the web page is relevant to the search an accurate. In the internet dispensation we are in currently, the requisite keyword density is about 2-4%.

How to ensure that your keyword use is effective

With the knowledge on keyword density, how will we use it to help us rank highly on search engine products.

Using it in the heading of the post

To make a key word go a long way in attracting visitors to the website, it is important to use it on the heading of the web post. This helps search engines identify what the content in the post is about.

Use the keyword in the first 100 words

Another way to ensure that the keyword you choose for your content is effective, is by using it among the first one hundred words in the introduction of the post. This goes a long way to help search engines identify your content’s purpose. Ensure you have your content matching for both desktop & mobile SEO

Use the keyword in the last 100 words

For the same purpose as above, it is important to use the keyword also in the last one hundred words.


Keyword density, is important in search engine rankings. A keyword density of 2-4% is ideal. However, creating accurate and relevant content is around a keyword is more important than a high keyword density.