How Much Does SEO Cost Per Month?

SEO Pricing & Costs

Online marketing has become essential, like SEO Johannesburg, as competition in the business world escalates. Any business worth its salt, however big or small, wants to be ranked on the first page of Google. Getting there does not just happen. It takes the effort of expert SEO work to get your site there. 

Hourly rates range from R 600 to R 1000 on the average. When several services are included in a single package, they may be charged at R 1250 to R 18 600 per month.

Many business people expect a standard figure when they inquire about SEO costs. The truth is, the price differs from one SEO company to the next. There are several dynamics to consider while pricing SEO services. 

SEO prices are charged on a monthly and hourly basis. Different companies create SEO packages and use different factors to price them. 

Monthly SEO Packages

You may be tempted to go for the hourly packages for three reasons:

  • They are short-term
  • The prices are predictable
  • You do not have to worry about funds for a long-term project

However, the SEO expert will simply be clocking in rather than working to deliver results: improved rankings and site traffic. 

SEO works better in the long-term because it is a gradual process. It must be given time to be successful. Hence, monthly packages are the better option as they give the SEO specialist to build the necessary links to boost your site’s online presence. 

Monthly SEO Packages Pricing

You may need to partner with your SEO service provider for up to 9 months or more. A long-term partnership allows the specialist to learn your website and put in place solutions that will produce lasting results. 

Pros of Monthly SEO Packages

As mentioned earlier, long-term partnerships allow your SEO expert to lean your site’s needs. Additional benefits of monthly packages include the following:

  • The SEO company takes over your website’s SEO requirements and leaves you to simply run your enterprise. 
  • Search Engine Optimization specialists bring on board their expertise and experience.
  • The business and SEO services provider develop a relationship. Therefore, the SEO company wants to see you succeed and will introduce long-term SEO solutions.
  • Your budget is planned. You do not expect any additional and unexpected costs.

Are SEO Companies Trustworthy?

It is natural for a business owner to be concerned about trust and integrity issues. After all, SEO does not come cheap and can be expensive. First off, you do your due diligence to ensure that you partner with a reputable SEO company. 

Also, you should start seeing results within the first month of your partnership. At the very least, your ranking on Google should have improved and your site should be a little more interactive. 


Investing in a monthly SEO package is worth it in the long run. The experts can check on the activities of industry players and help you stay ahead of the competition. The ROI should be evident in a few months and your business will become increasingly visible online.