How Much Does SEO Cost in South Africa?

There are myriads of factors that come into play concerning SEO Johannesburg costs. As a result, quotations may differ. Google weighs hundreds of factors while ranking websites and all these play a role in SEO pricing. What you are likely to get are estimates for various SEO styles.

How Much is SEO in South Africa?

How Much Does SEO Cost in South Africa?  Hourly rates in South Africa range from R700 to R1500 on average. For a monthly SEO package, the price can range from R12,500 to R25,000 per month. 

Nevertheless, costing estimates can help you draw up a budget for your SEO costs. One thing that is consistent with SEO prices in South Africa is that they give hourly and monthly rates.

Current 2021 pricing cost break-down:

Average Hourly SEO Consulting Rates (SA) R700-R1500/hr
Average Managed Local SEO Campaigns Rates R12,500-R25,000/month
Average Managed Regional SEO Campaign Rates R30,000-R100,000/month
Average Managed National SEO Campaign Rates R80,000-R100,000/month
SEO Strategy & Competitor/Market Research R30,000-R100,000/month

how much does seo cost in south africa

SEO companies offer several varieties of packages and prices based on the size and niche of the website. Here are some of the typical packages offered by South African SEO Professionals.

Keyword Packages

Keywords are still very relevant with regard to Google rankings. SEO experts explore the most relevant ones to use for your site. Peppering your content with the most relevant keywords helps to get your site on the first page. 

Many companies will give you a standard number of keywords for every SEO package. They will then price the package depending on specific factors and give you a quotation. For instance, a company may offer a 10-keyword package at R 1, 600 per month. 

Website Audit

Your SEO company will run a website audit on your site to determine your optimization needs. The experts will analyze your website for information such as:

  • Site speed
  • Headings
  • Mobile-friendliness
  • Meta-descriptions

These and more and important in determining what your website needs to improve accessibility to users and Google rankings.

Competitor Tracking and Analysis

For your business to grow, you must check your competition out, see what they are doing and offer something better. Before this happens, you must understand who the competition is in your niche. 

SEO experts help you to figure out the tasks that you must prioritize to stay ahead of your competitors. They also research and determine which keywords will help to drive traffic to your site. 

On/Off-Page Optimization

Some SEO companies do not offer this service. If you need it, you must first ensure that your provider includes the service in their packages. The on/off-optimization service is priced depending on the number of hours a month the company allocates it. 

Site-Map Integration

If your website has multiple categories and sub-categories, this package is crucial. Site-map integration helps your visitors to quickly find the pages they need. Hence, it helps to boost user experience. 

Monthly Analytics

Your SEO company will provide a monthly analytics report to keep you informed about the progress of your site since optimization. A few companies even offer the weekly report option as well. This should help you decide if SEO is a useful business strategy for you or not. 

SEO Optimization Pricing in South Africa

Google constantly updates its algorithms as well as ranking specifics. Also, the SEO process is long-term. Therefore, monthly packages may be your best option. 

To achieve your business objectives, consider investing in SEO for 6 to 9 months or more. This is ample time to accomplish a goal such as ranking in the top 5 on Google. The higher your site is ranked, the easier it is to get traffic. 

The final amount depends on the additions included in your package of choice. Also, the number of hours per month dedicated to SEO will reflect in the final figure. 

Each SEO company offers different prices depending on specific factors. Some may even go lower or higher than the figures suggested herein. 

Benefits of Monthly Packages

Single Payment

Once you have signed on the dotted line, you can leave everything to the SEO experts. You can then shift your focus to running your business and enjoying the influx of new customers. 

The Partnership is Long-Term

Monthly packages help to foster a partnership with your SEO providers. A relationship is born of this partnership. The SEO experts will be as invested as you are in ensuring the success of your business. 

Also, a long-term partnership allows the SEO company to put long-term practices that will work well into the future. 

Fixed Budget

There are no unprecedented budget surprises to anticipate. You have a fixed amount of money to work with every month. 

Demerits of Monthly Packages

Long-term Commitment

A long-term contract requires funds to maintain it. Monthly SEO packages need to run for at least 9 months for you to start seeing results. This is usually worth the money, provided you are seeing results.

Hourly SEO Services

Hourly packages are very attractive and may seem like the way to go. It is transparent as you can easily see when the SEO specialist logs in. Also, you can predict the costs.

However, SEO can take longer than you anticipated and the hourly charges can pile up. Also, you may interfere with the essence of SEO. It is results-oriented and requires time to achieve the desired results. Additionally, it is slow as it takes time to build links and monitor relationships. 

Project-Based SEO Services in South Africa

Large companies benefit the most from project-based SEO services. A large company runs an equally large website and engages in rigorous SEO. However, SMEs requiring short-term SEO services over a set period can also benefit. 

For instance, if you need to launch your company website, project-based SEO is the perfect fit.

There is no fixed sum for a project-based SEO service. Hence, you will not fret about hourly charges and your budget getting bloated. The business agrees with the SEO services provider and the project takes off upon payment of 50% of the agreed price.

You can pay the rest of the money over a set period as the work progresses. Alternatively, you can pay the remaining 50% upon completion of the project. Do your research on costs, however, to avoid being overcharged. A reliable SEO provider will not give you inflated figures.


SEO takes time and should not be rushed. It is also progressive especially with regards to Google’s constant updates. Therefore, you must be patient as the SEO specialists work to get your site ranked favorably in the search engines.