How Can I learn SEO from Scratch in 2020?

You must be very clear about why you want to learn SEO. Also, what does it mean to learn Search Engine Optimization? In a nutshell, it means you want to learn how to get a website ranked high on search engines. Let our SEO Cape Town team break it down for you. 

The best place to begin is to understand SEO. This means getting a definition as well as the purpose of SEO, especially in marketing. Questions that may arise as you consider your learning options may include the following:

  • What is SEO?
  • Why should I learn SEO?
  • How easy or difficult is it to learn SEO?
  • How does a course in SEO take?
  • What is the best way to learn SEO?
  • How can I learn SEO fast?
  • How do I approach SEO in 2020?
  • Can I learn SEO at home?
  • Can I make a Career out of SEO?
  • How much can I earn as an SEO agent?

Learning SEO may be the beginning of an exciting career. Also, it is a journey that does not have a specific destination. You will get the hang of it but you must also continue learning. SEO is a dynamic discipline and learning never ends. 

Learning the Basics of SEO

The basics are simple enough to grasp as you begin by understanding SEO.                                  

What is SEO? 

SEO is an acronym that stands for Search Engine Optimization, and is highly relevant in 2020. It is also referred to as organic SEO. A practice that aims at boosting a site’s visibility on search engines, SEO is important for online marketing.  

What Does SEO Do?

It improves a website’s visibility by ensuring that the site is ranked favorably. This means it appears in the top ten on page 1 of the search engine result page (SERP). Getting ranked high gives a website a better chance of being found by visitors. They are more are likely to click on it than proceed to the next page. 

What Are the Elements of SEO?

Search engine optimization comprises several factors which include the following:

  • Searches
  • Website
  • Content (including videos, images, and written content)
  • Search engines
  • Keywords
  • Optimization
  • Link building

Learning SEO Fast in 2020

To learn SEO in record time, you must:

  • Grasp the basics of SEO
  • Understand the techniques that you are taught
  • Practice as you learn by using the tools as you learn them

You can access free courses online that allow you to learn at a comfortable pace. However, this may require you to go through several blogs and resources to find the information you need. As a result, this may take quite a bit of time. 

Alternatively, you can take an advanced course. The benefit of this one is that it gives you access to professional who has the experience to share. They will provide you with up to date resources that will enable you to start practicing even as you learn. 


Learning SEO in 2020 is made easier by the fact that you have faster access to resources online. Additionally, you can put into practice the skills you learn as you take the course. A guided course allows you to consult a professional and helps you to gain confidence sooner.