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We create and manage high ROI Google AdWords campaigns for our clients across South Africa

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Can Customers Find You?

PPC Targeting

If you are not already advertising using AdWords, then you are missing out on potential online business and sales. Strategic Google Ads can help your business reach millions of potential customers in South Africa, even if they don’t use Google services that much. 

Google AdWords if done correctly, is the most effective way of converting your target audience into customers without much effort. We specialize in getting your business on a winning Google AdWords strategy that will deliver fast results while minimizing the costs associated with bidding for Ads with competitors.

Our Google AdWords Service


Here are some of the Google AdWords Services included in our all in one package for our South African clients who choose outsource their AdWords campaigns to us. 

  • Initial AdWords Campaign Set Up and Management – Have no clue where to start? We will help you do the initial research to determine your requirements, register your business with the Google Ad platform, initiate your campaigns, and manage them for you.
  • We will do the CPC or CPA acquisition and manage your Ad costs as per your set budget.
  • We will help create your AdWords landing pages and optimize your sales funnels for maximum results.
  • Ad Optimization and AdWords Quality Score Improvement – Google AdWords don’t work on auto-pilot. Using the analytics and reports on the AdWords platform, we can optimize your Ad campaigns and make sure you are winning with the keywords we boost at all times.
  • Retargeting campaigns – One of the most powerful techniques we use with the help of Google AdWords is called retargeting. Retargeting involves displaying personalized ads to potential customers who have shown an interest in your product before or are considered as high-value traffic by Google due to their web surfing history. Using laser sharp retargeting techniques at our disposal, we will be able to boost your conversion rates with relative ease with our AdWords Campaigns.

PPC Experts in South Africa

Stress-Free AdWords Management

CPCs (cost per click), CPAs, extended text Ads, SEMs, etc – All these online marketing concepts can be confusing for you as a business owner looking to sell your services or merchandise online. The good news is that you don’t need to understand all that jargon if you work with us, we have years of experience setting up various campaigns using the Google Ads platform. We take care of everything from start to finish leaving you to focus on your core business while we drive your online sales.

Google AdWords Management in South Africa​

It’s easy to lose track of Ad spend when using Google AdWords. With us, you can rest assured that your Google Ad costs won’t shoot through the roof as we have learned through years of experience how to maximize results with carefully planned and managed Ad campaigns that deliver returns on investment for our customers.