Case Study: Fein Freight Couriers


Fein Freight couriers engaged us in an SEO campaign in June 2020. Just from our team completing and implementing an SEO audit, as well as some technical on-page SEO, we have seen dramatic improvement across the board. The ranking improvements below speak for themselves, and you can see the jump in positions. 

Things to note: Look under the ‘MONTH’ column in the above screenshot, that’s how many positions keywords had jumped in the space of one month. The majority of them jumped over 80 positions, that’s going from page 10 of Google to page 2 and page 1.

MS: This stands for monthly search volume. As you can see, the monthly search volume for some of the keywords is 880/searches per month. These are competitive keywords. But by just understanding the industry and what competitors were doing, we were able to very quickly fix certain issues and make specific on page changes.

Time frame: Consider the time frame in the below screenshots to get an idea of how quickly we started generating results. We talking massive improvements from June 12, 2020 to June 29, 2020


From position #39 to #9 (Page 1)


From position #48 to #11 


From position #34 to #10 (Page 1)