Earning Extra Money On A Computer South Africa

If you’re reading this blog post you have probably asked yourself “how can I make extra money in South Africa?”. We all want to be able to make extra money using our computer in the comfort of our own home, but what is included to do so? 

Some of us may think we don’t have the required skills and that making money online is difficult. Thankfully, there are a number of different ways to earn extra money on a computer in South Africa and we have outlined ways to do so below.

earning extra money on a computer south africa

How to earn extra money in South Africa


Freelancing refers to the act of using computers by independently working on specific tasks by offering services on the online platforms for payment. This is also a major way that most South Africans are using their computers for. Most South Africans are freelancing in the following ways to enable them to earn income. Some great freelancing sites to get started on is Legiit.com and UpWork. Both of these allow freelancers to provide services in SEO, digital marketing, graphic design, web design, web development, social media and much more. 

Transcription Services

The growth of the global digital industry has seen a myriad of activities being set up on the world wide web. Transcription services are one of them. There are arguably hundreds of transcription websites on the online platform that requires transcription services.

These transcription sites have their terms and conditions that they payout depending on the work done. Transcription services include converting an audio or video caption to a readable format.

Millions of South Africans have taken advantage of these services by enrolling and registering them to enable them to earn money. Thousands of South Africans are reaping big thanks to the transcription services found on the online platform.

Content Writing

Thousands of freelancing websites on the world wide web require freelancing writing services. They require one to register on their sites and begin writing dissertations, documents, and assignments for their clients. Freelancing academic writing sites are growing by the day and so are the clients that require services.
Most clients are Masters and Ph.D. students requiring completion of their theses and dissertations to help them graduate. The clients send out assignments to freelancing websites then the websites sublets the assignments to their registered freelancers.
South Africans are heavily reaping big on these platforms. Freelancing writing is gaining prevalence because few resources are required. Only a computer and stable source of Internet is required for the task.

Graphic and Video Editing

This is another sector that is enabling South Africans to earn lots of money. It involves converting and manipulating computer graphics to come up with meaningful content.
Video editing refers to using the computer to analyze video content by combining together video excerpts and parts to create flow. Thousands of South Africans are using their computer skills set to video edit and graphic design.

Setting up Cybercafes & Cyber Spots

In nearly every South African town it is difficult to miss a well-equipped cybercafe that is run mostly by youths. Although the older generations are also participating in setting up cyber shops and cafes the youths are three times more likely to set them up compared to their other counterparts.
Cybercafes use computers to allow people to access the Internet and other computer services. For example, browsing or Internet surfing in cybercafes is much faster compared to normal browsing on personal computers. This is because cyber cafes employ a centralized Local Area Network (LAN) system to their networking setups.
A person surfing or browsing on the Internet in cybercafes is charged a given fee computed by the length of time spent there. This is a key way that South Africans are using computers to help them generate revenue and income to help uplift their living standards.
Computers are not only used for Internet browsing in cybercafes, they can as well be used for typesetting purposes where a person prepares documentation by typing at a given fee. Printing and photocopying are also key income-generating ways that South Africans are using their computers for.
Basically during printing and photocopying charges are calculated not through sessions but by the number of pages and documents one needs to print and photocopy. Income could also be generated in cyber cafes in many other ways including offering Internet sub-letting services.
This involves allowing clients to connect to your parent Internet service set up on the computer at a given fee. Income could also be generated through installing and checking people’s computers that have software failures.
Whenever you rectify by stabilizing malfunctioning software on the computers you could reap big returns through that. Many South Africans are reaping big through performing such computer procedures.

Growth & Decline in South Africa

South Africa’s population is on constant growth. South Africa is ranked as the third populous nation in the African continent after Nigeria and Egypt. It is also ranked as the fourth largest in terms of the youth population.
Unemployment rates on the other hand are steeply rising. With fewer production and manufacturing companies to absorb the youthful generation, the unemployment rate has greatly soared.
Despite South Africa’s economy being the best in Africa, its economy cannot match the unemployment rate that is rendering on its youthful population. Millions of youths have graduated from colleges and universities yet they cannot find employment.
The South African youths are resorting to other money-generating ways in order to generate income to support themselves. One key growing way is using computers to generate income. The Information Communication Technology sector in South Africa nation is growing tremendously.
At least 80% of the youthful generation that is graduating from colleges and universities have first-hand experience with using computers and the Internet. The youths are slowly crafting ways to reap earnings from their computers at their own comfort.
For instance, they are driven by the fact that their government has invested heavily in Information Communication Technology (ICT) infrastructure. Acquiring a computer is also relatively easy in the South African nation compared to any other African nation.
This is mainly due to the fact that the government has created partnerships with globally reputable computer companies allowing them to invest heavily in the nation.
Most youths in South Africa own computers while the few who do not have computer knowledge. Computer affordability and ICT investments have led to tremendous growth in how the youths are finding ways to earn a living.

Start earning extra money on your computer in South Africa

It is predicted that computers would change completely the way services are offered in South Africa and the whole world. Millions of South Africans are taking advantage of this paradigm shift to enable them to earn an awesome and genuine income.