Does SEO Require Coding?

Knowing how to code is something our Johannesburg SEO team is very aware of. In this world of specialization of tasks in the workplace, it is required or thought that for you to be good at some aspect of work, that is all that you know. For example, if your educational qualifications make you an accountant, then, you are not expected to know anything about marketing except for their budget.

Do you need to know how to code to do SEO?

There are a lot of specialized SEO experts who feel that coding is not necessary to succeed in SEO.

SEO experts work hand in hand with programmers. For this reason, it is not important for them to know how to code. However, when SEO specialists know and understand some basic coding, they become much better at their SEO tasks. This is because they do not have to rely on their developers.

Those who argue that SEO specialists do not need coding skills feel that the use of Content Management System such as WordPress for websites has made the need for coding non-essential for SEO specialists.

Here are some of the skills you need to become a successful SEO expert.

Content creation

SEO can only be done when content is created. Without content on your website, there is no need for SEO. An SEO expert needs to be able to conduct to keyword research. With the proper keyword, SEOs can create content that will be loved by their audiences and search engine bots.


This is another important skill that SEO professionals need to have. SEO professionals need the ability to determine and quantify the positive results they get on their search rankings. They need to also to identify their failures and improve on them.

Able to learn quickly

The SEO industry is quite fluid, especially with mobile SEO. A Google update can send your page to oblivion from a high ranking. Your web page, which previously had numerous visitors is now not receiving even a single one.

As an SEO professional, you need to quickly learn what Google has done to cause the effect on yours or your client’s website. From here, you need to learn what to do to return to the previous position or to maintain and improve the new position. As such, an SEO professional needs to learn quickly and implement what they have learned successfully.


As an SEO expert, communication skills are a must have. Your job requires that you communicate with a large number of people. You have your client brief, your colleagues and even your bosses that you need to communicate effectively with to make them understand why you took the decisions you took.

With these large number of people that you need to communicate with, you need advanced communication skills to put across and have your ideas implement accordingly.


Although coding is not a necessary skill to have as an SEO expert, it is important to have basic skills in it. There are other numerous skills that SEO experts need to possess.