Which is Better SEO or PPC?

which is better seo or ppc

This is a question that plagues every start-up online. Is it better to cultivate your online presence or buying your spot to the top of the search engines? In this article, we will look at the pros and cons of each and allow you to make that decision on your own.

What Is SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of tweaking the quality and quantity of website traffic by enhancing the perception of a website through organic search engine results. The definition of an SEO is dynamic due to the search engine algorithm as well as industry changes. When broken down, the key aspect is a website ability to explain what it does clearly through its content.  Organic results are derived from the search engine algorithm that can understand your webpage and detect relevant use of the keywords.


Cost-effective. The cost of assembling and maintaining an SEO is very minimal, especially if you do it yourself. There are tools that you can use, at a small fee but it still is very cost-effective.

Long-lasting —a well set up site can hold a high position in the results for long periods of time, as long as it maintains its link authority and has relevant content.


Speed – the time taken to climb up the ranks, even with a good set up, is very long. It can take up to months before results are seen.

Constant process- a website will never be fully optimized, due to the constant change of the algorithm as well as competitors dynamics, it is in constant motion.

Time-consuming –this is more apparent when you decide to do it on your own rather than paying someone to do it or purchasing SEO tools. That would mean spending actual money.

PPC / Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Search engine advertising varies from small, text-based ads to product listing ads (PLAs) which are more visual. The product listing ads are product-based therefore allowing consumers to see important information in an instant, such as price and reviews


Less wait time: the results of having more traffic are almost immediate when it comes to PPC.

Control- there is more control with PPC. A budget can be set and have a rough estimate of the expected results.

Position- with PPC, your success is not based on an algorithm which affects your position or your visibility. Your position solely depends on how much you’re willing to spend so as to win a top bid.


Price- for a good spot, you must be willing to outbid the topmost contenders. The higher you pay the better. This could also mean that later on, you may have to pay higher to receive the same results.

Time-consuming – researching for an ideal keyword that suits you and the consumer takes a lot of time.

Short term- once your PPC campaign ends, then so does your traffic. This means that if you fail to renew, then you have to rely on the natural traffic that you have been getting.