What is SEO and How it Works?

what is seo and how it works

SEO or search engine optimization is a concept of enhancing your website to attract unpaid or organic traffic from search engine page results. To achieve this, you have to change the content and design of your website to make it more visually appealing to the search engines in a bid to have your website rank on the top page of the search engine results page. 

Search Engines Only Display High-Quality Websites

So many factors can affect how your website ranks on the search engine which is why many business owners find SEO to be quite complex. However, the standard procedure is less challenging. Remember, search engines strive to ensure that their users get the maximum experience and for this, they will only display high-quality websites which contain appropriate information which complements what the users are searching for. 

To achieve this, the search engines scan through numerous websites to establish what the website specializes in. This is critical and helps them display relevant results depending on what users are searching for in terms of keywords and topics.

Further, the search engines will navigate through the website to figure out the website’s user-friendliness to ensure that users get the best highly ranked information sources. 

Basic SEO Principles

Here are some of the fundamental search engine optimization principles which are still relevant to date and are crucial to understanding when trying to learn SEO.

Links are still critical

Links have been a critical component of SEO since its invention. Today, links remain some of the most dynamic signs of a website’s excellent performance on Google. If you can use relevant and high-quality links, you can be guaranteed that your website will gain high SERPs(search engine results pages.) Seeing that links are critical to SEO, you’ll need to incorporate link building in your SEO strategy.  

Voice Search Is Becoming Popular

Voice search is fast becoming a customer’s favourite option. Still, some experts believe that it will be some time before voice search transforms SEO. according to research, 41% of adults in the US and 55% of teens in the US are already using voice search. Reports by Google indicate that over 20% of all searches conducted on mobile gadgets are voice searches. With these statistics, it’s only prudent that entrepreneurs start leveraging voice search as early as now. 

Where to Begin with Voice Search

Begin by:

Incorporating natural language to optimize content. This will include: responding to questions and incorporating more long-tail keywords linked with search intent.

Optimizing Featured Snippets

Create a frequently answered questions (FAQ) page. You may want to utilize the question and answer schemas. Voice search optimization may not be popular at the moment, neither would you want to adopt it immediately, however, you may want to start experimenting with relevant optimizations and featured snippets to get a better ranking on Google.


Remember, you won’t reap SEO results immediately and it will take some months before you can finally start reaping the fruits of your hard work. Still, creating excellent quality content that’s relevant to what your visitors are searching for is one of the best SEO practices you should adopt. This will go a long way in helping you develop a viable online venture that will continuously generate organic traffic for many years.