What is SEM in Digital Marketing?

what is sem in digital marketing

SEM (search engine marketing) is a concept which involves increasing the visibility of websites in search engine results to promote websites and enhance their performance through paid advertising. Often, SEM incorporates SEO which comes in handy to rewrite or modify the content of websites and their design to increase their ranking in search engine results pages. This also increases pay per click listings. 

Keywords are Critical in SEM

Keywords are a critical component when it comes to search engine marketing. Users enter keywords in the search engines to get what they want to find, a demonstration that SEM depends on keywords to market businesses. 

Keyword Research for Search Engine Marketing

To figure out the relevant keywords you will use in your SEM concept, you should have a concrete keyword management strategy which involves conducting extensive keyword research. First, you need to figure out relevant keywords for your business which potential customers will probably use to search for your products and services.

There are many keyword tools which you can use to conduct keyword research free of charge. All you will need is to key in any relevant keywords to your services and get suggestions which you can incorporate in your search engine marketing concept. 

Which are the Top SEM Networks?

Here are the top SEM networks.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the leading platform when it comes to search engine marketing, both regarding delivering massive traffic to your SEM campaign and market share. AdWords is the main promotion product from Google.

Leveraging on the robustness of the Google search engine is guaranteed to give you your desired results. With AdWords, you can enjoy international, local, and international circulation of your campaign. Further, the network allows you to incorporate an internet protocol or location-based address exclusion to ensure that your campaign reaches your target audience.

AdWords provides advertisers with website targeted advertising facilities to accommodate different kinds of ads such as banners, text, and rich media promotions, depending on a daily budget which the advertisers can set.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Yahoo search marketing is the internet promotion services which Yahoo! Provides. It offers SEM and Pay per click advertising with keywords as the foundation. Of course, the traffic for this network isn’t as massive as Bing Ads or AdWords you can still leverage this network to increase traffic towards your website. 

Bing Ads

Bing Ads is a part of the MSN AdCenter which incorporates both Bing and Yahoo search engines. It provides users with SEM strategies for their campaigns. When it comes to cost per click, Bing Ads is way cheaper compared to AdWords. One of the cons, in this case, is the big difference in Bing and Google networks when it comes to traffic share.

Bing ads provide users with multiple advertising tools which comes in handy to ensure they understand their target market better. This plays a big role in helping the advertisers develop concepts to ensure they get more return on investment such as the ability to increase or limit keyword bids and ads depending on their impact on a specific demographic. 


Search engine marketing is a critical concept which business owners can use to improve the visibility and performance of their website and eventually increase their return on investment.