Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

ubersuggest chrome extension review

Ubersuggest from Neil Patel has just put out their chrome extension which provides data in the SERPs. I’ve had some time to use the extension to give it a proper review and whether it’s worth installing on Google Chrome. So let’s break this down:

Should You Use The Ubersuggest Chrome Extension?

Yes, it’s going to save you a lot of time, especially when doing keyword research. The tool itself is very similar to Keywords Everywhere, in that it provides keyword data in the actual search bar of Google. Having the data right there from the get-go is very convenient, I can see whether the search term is searched for and what the CPC data is on it. Check the screenshot below, Ubersuggest populates the filed in the actual search bar, whereas Keywords Everywhere displays their day under the search bar. At the moment, Ubersuggest only displays data on monthly searches and CPC in the search bar.

ubersuggest chrome extension

View All Drop Down

view allubersuggest

When you click the View All drop-down button, it displays data ranging from search volume, SEO difficultly, Paid difficulty and CPC. It’s just an extension of what’s displayed in the search bar. What I find convenient is the volume graph which shows both mobile and desktop data over the period of the last year. This gives us an idea of how the keyword has been trending and whether search volume has improved or declined.


The two blocks below the volume graph provide data on clicks and the general age range of those searching for the keyword. I don’t know how accurate this data is, and it should be tested with other sources. But for free data, it’s pretty good. It’s helpful to understand the search intent and the age of the audience so the message can correctly be targeted when optimized for this keyword. Cheers Patel.

Keyword Suggestions

keyword suggestions

My favourite part of this Google Chrome extension is the keyword suggestions provided on the side. It’s extremely helpful when doing keyword research and quickly provides related keyword ideas that can be useful as part of a marketing strategy or SEO campaign.

Not only is this helpful, but the actual Ubersuggest tool provides related keyword ideas that make research so much easier. It really is a great tool. The Ubersuggest tool provides data on content ideas, top pages, site audit features, backlinks and more. I’d definitely recommend checking the tool out. Also, I have found the related keywords offered by Ubersuggest are more relevant compared to Keywords Everywhere. I have both installed.

Backlinks and Visibility Correlation


There is an added graph providing data on backlinks and the visibility correlation. Again, pretty good for free data but would I use this when analyzing what websites are ranking due to their backlinks? Probably not. For example, the above screenshot indicates that the website in the 7th position for this keyword has a high number of backlinks.

backlinks serps

I generally don’t like data on the 10 links in the search results. It distracts me from analyzing descriptions and titles. Ubersuggest tells us the domain score, Pinterest & Facebook signals and the number of links when you click the drop-down arrow. I probably won’t be paying much attention to this feature only because I have more advanced tools to report data on backlinks, domain authority (not Moz) and social shares/signals.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension – Yes or No?

Overall, I would say this is one of the better SEO keyword extensions. The reason why I will continue to use the tool is because of the search bar metrics and the related keyword ideas. I’d recommend using this tool for research purposes. Get the chrome extension here.