Do You Need a GMB to Rank a Website Organically?

Having a verified Google My Business listing provides a list of benefits, especially for local businesses. Not having one could only negatively impact your business, but is it necessary to have one in order to rank on page 1 (organically) in Google?

Having a GMB listing or not has no effect on organic rankings.

However, GMBs definitely help in terms of legitimizing a website and sort of “proving” that it’s real. If you’re able to, getting a verified GMB would be on a short-list of items to get for a local site. 

It’s a Trust Factor

If you have a verified Google My Business listing, you have essentially passed Google’s test (at least a big one) in determining whether your business actually exists locally. Setting up a GMB listing requires legitimate business information, such as an address, number, business name, opening date and more.

These are all details any real business would have. This information communicates to Google that your business does in fact exist, and therefore give more value to local businesses that have a verified listing when it comes to ranking locally. The reason for this is that local businesses with a listing have verified their location. This is not to say ranking a website without a google my business is impossible.

Loss in Traffic

The two major disadvantages that a website faces without a GMB is the restricted visibility and the loss in organic traffic. Meaning, websites with a verified listing will always out-compete others when it comes to exposed real estate in the SERPs, as the local pack is displayed before the organic results. In addition, traffic to a website is a strong signal to Google, therefore businesses with a Google My Business listing will hold the advantage locally.