Link to Text Fragment Extension

link to text fragment

The Link to Text Fragment extension operates by defining a text piece in the URL section. Once you install the extension, you can highlight the text you intend to link to. Proceed to right-click, and choose “Copy Link to Selected Text” this allows you to create the new link. You will then be able to include the link to your clipboard.

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link to text fragment extension

How Link to Text Fragment Works

When moving to a new URL with a particular text, your browser highlights it to attract the user’s attention. If you are using Chrome, this will exhibit over the text part as a shiny yellow highlight.

highlights the text in yellow

Ease of Use

Link to Text Fragment extension is easy to use. You will first need to install it in a Chromium-based browser with extensions support, or on Chrome. This extension works well on Android browsers too. The extension relies on “Text Fragments,” a feature that was added to chrome recently.

It usually adds more information to a URL after the “#” to maneuver to a particular part. Google is currently using this new technology to link to certain parts of web pages from Google Search. Links generated with Link to Text Fragment extension operate in version 80 and above Chromium-based browsers.

Internet users can download the Link to Text Fragment extension or examine its source code. While this could be a niche extension, it can also be essential for internet users who usually share long articles. 

Link to Text Fragment, which is also available on Github, includes a new entry on the right-click menu in Chrome. From the look of things, Google is rolling this extension to Google Search.

According to Google, as of June 17, Firefox and Safari had not demonstrated publicly any willingness to adopt the Link to Text Fragment feature. When using incompatible browsers, then the link will launch the webpage as it would do normally. 

Enjoy the convenience that comes with this Chrome Extension

Link to Text Fragment is a practical extension. It can be useful if you want to guide the reader to a particular section within a long webpage. However, it is based on a developing technology, which means it is not yet perfect. There is a lot to be done to make it effective. Some experts who have tried it say they experienced inconsistency and highlighting difficulties. 

Sometimes it would present an error indicating that the user needed to highlight longer series of text. The advantage of using this extension is that you can easily navigate to your preferred content with minimal struggle. If you already use Chrome, you can try the extensions and see how it works. 

Links are critical for internet users as they ease navigation to different websites and pages. You can leverage links to share images, videos, and even articles. As the internet evolves, users are developing specific needs.

For example, some users may want to share a particular section in an article or even highlight specific impactful sentences. Until recently, linking directly to specific text on a page was difficult. However, Link to Text Fragment, a newly released Chrome extension promises to make it easy.