Is SEO free?

is seo free

Search Engine Optimization is fast becoming a critical component for business success. Every entrepreneur strives to see their businesses rank high on search engines. Still, many seem to be confused about the entire concept.

Many business owners want to find out: how much does SEO cost? Depending on where you source your SEO services from, you could spend between R 5,800 and R 58,000 per month with a possibility of paying more. It’s worth noting that the price will often demonstrate the kind of services you receive. 

SEO is perceived to be a long term marketing concept which you can use to improve your online visibility and presence. Many entrepreneurs will do everything possible to rank first on search engines even though they still have problems understanding how SEO works. The problem here is that many business entrepreneurs haven’t got sufficient time to research and understand how good quality SEO operates. 

To some Entrepreneurs, SEO is a Liability

Seeing that you can’t touch SEO, it’ll be some time before you can start seeing and appreciating its influence in the business. This explains why many business owners will choose the lowest priced SEO provider as opposed to looking at what they stand to gain from the engagement. This practice is set to continue as more entrepreneurs focus on ranking high rather than increasing their sales and eventually getting more revenue.

Understanding SEO Pricing Types

When you finally decide to embrace SEO services, you can choose from the following SEO pricing types.

  • Pay for performance SEO services. For this type, you’ll pay depending on how successful your ranking is. However, don’t get fooled by SEO guarantees.
  • Hourly rates. The average amount you’ll pay for hourly SEO services ranges between R 880 to R 2350. This does depend on the agency or SEO consultant.
  • Monthly retainers. The average amount you’ll pay for monthly SEO retainer ranges between R 11,750 and R 58,750

These prices vary which can convince entrepreneurs to select the cheapest SEO service providers hoping to get more value from the investment. 

Why You Should Think Twice Before Choosing Cheap SEO Services

While cheap SEO services may be attractive, they could harm the reputation of your business. Many cheap SEO service providers have zero understanding of how SEO operates. Often, they’ll outsource your work and in the process cut down the hourly rates.

In such a case, they end up getting poor quality services for their poor pay which is translated back to your business. In the end, this will have negative financial effects on your business especially if you get penalized by the search engines. In worse cases, your domain could even be banned from the search engines which will be a huge loss.

Factors to Remember When Searching for SEO Services for Your Business

Cheap is expensive. If you want fast results, consider getting a service provider who dedicates more of their time to the project. For this, you’ll have to spend more. A bigger budget will also give you access to a big percentage of popular keywords.

Study your competitors in a bid to understand their strategies. Often, you’ll find that to stay ahead, you’ll need to invest more 


Remember, what you get when it comes to SEO services is equivalent to what you pay. If you choose cheaper services, you’ll get mediocre returns. Spending more will introduce you to better rankings and more revenue.