How To Use SEO Minion For Daily SEO Tasks

SEO Minion

Last updated April 6th 2020

One of the latest SEO tools to hit the chrome store is SEO Minion, an easy to use extension that helps you streamline daily tasks such as an on-page SEO analysis, broken link checking, SERP preview and location-specific searches.

Because I enjoy and use the Keywords Everywhere tool every day, we decided to cover SEO Minion, which is brought to you by the same team. In this blog post, we will cover how this tool works and why you should start using it today to streamline SEO tasks for more efficient results. To install this tool on Chrome, go here.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is a commonly overlooked aspect in search engine optimisation. It’s arguably one of the most important steps as there are several on-page ranking factors that search engines look out for. 

SEO Minion provides a detailed breakdown of your on-page details that include Page URL, Page Title, Description, Canonical tag, Meta robots, Headings,  Images without alt tags and an Open graph section.

The gives you the ability to quickly analyse a page to see how it can be improved in its on-page SEO. 

on page seo

Check Broken Links

The ability to quickly check a page for broken links is extremely helpful for those doing a link audit. As we already know, broken links aren’t visible until clicked on and directed to a 404 page. Sure, there are other helpful tools to detect broken links such as Screaming Frog and Google Search Console, but SEO Minion gives you the ability to analyse links in real-time, helping you streamline this tedious task. 

check broken links

Prefer videos? Just hit play on the SEO Minion video below. 

Link Overview by SEO Minion

After the tool has analysed the page for links, it spits back a full analysis of valid links, 404 links, no domain links, empty links, redirects, server errors and unknown. It also provides a table with filters for each type of link to easily sort through and find them quicker. The ability to filter between internal and external links is also provided. 

link overview

Highlight All Links

Another helpful link feature provided by SEO Minion is it lets you highlight all links on a page, whether internal or external. This is for those who simply just want to see what links are on a page and if there may be any hidden ones. 

Highlight All Links

SERP Preview Tool

The SERP preview tool allows users to preview their website in the search results. Similarly to SEO Mofo and the Portent tool, you can craft your meta title, description, URL, rich snippet and date to physically see how it would look in the SERP’s. This enables you to see whether your meta tags may be too long or short when indexed by search engines. 

serp preview tool

Google Search Location Simulator

One of my personal favourite features from the SEO Minion extension is the Google Search Location Simulator. Ever wondered how your websites rank in different countries? This feature effortlessly allows you to check for certain keywords and where a website is showing for it across the world. You can also check two countries simultaneously in different languages.

Google Search Location Simulator

SEO Minion Updates in 2020

There have been a few updates to the tool in 2020. Updates include

1. SEO Minion has been translated into 5 new languages – German, French, Spanish, Dutch & Italian

2. The Analyze On-Page SEO feature has been re-written to use the data from the DOM instead of HTML. The tool now supports your websites where javascript creates the page content.

3. A Hreflang tag checker has been added for those who have websites in multiple languages. You can now check whether you have the correct Hreflang tags on your pages.

4. A Firefox version of SEO Minion has been launched with the same functionality

SEO Minion Conclusion

What a tool! I thoroughly enjoy using SEO minion and hope this blog post covered any questions you had about the tool and how it works. To install this tool visit the Chrome store