How to Market Your Phone Repair Store With Social Media & SEO

market phone repair store seo

Successfully advertising and marketing a phone repair store can be tricky. Without a well-planned and executed marketing strategy, your online presence can fall flat, and that applies to any repair business. In 2020, you need to have an angle on your competitors.

SEO and marketing tactics that worked a few years ago might not even get you ranking today. A phone repair store in Perth like Device Expert is in a competitive field which is why investing in an effective marketing plan is crucial. In this blog post, we will discuss how you can successfully promote and advertise your cell phone repair business through SEO, content marketing and social media. 

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Use Social Media

Social media has become one of the single most important online platforms for businesses today. Think about it, a business without a Facebook page is unheard of 2020, it’s just not an option to not have social channels working for your business. The first step is creating your social channels. You should have, at the minimum, a Facebook business page, LinkedIn business account, Google+ and Twitter. Once these channels have been created, begin your branding. Building out your social channels with your logo, USP, your speciality when it comes to repairs, about your business, reviews and photos. Make sure users who visit your page will get a full view of what your business is about and how you can help them. 

Once your social media channels have been created, run a social campaign targeting people who need to get their phones or gadgets repaired. This can easily be done through Facebook advertising by setting up a campaign and targeting users who, first of all, have been to your site previously and also users who log onto Facebook using an iPhone or whatever phone model your shop repairs. The same can be said for LinkedIn and Instagram, run campaigns and see what kind of response you are getting from those channels. 


This all starts with optimising your website for your keywords. Conducting keyword research, in the beginning, can save you a great amount of time. What you want to be doing is finding out what people are searching for when they need to get their phone repaired. You might think it would be a simple phrase such as ‘phone repair’ or ‘mobile phone repairs’ and definitely could be, but you would never know until you do the research. Use Google’s Keyword Planner or Keywords Everywhere for keyword research and make sure you set your location before considering search volume and competition metrics.

Once you’ve optimised your cell phone site with keywords, create a Google My Business listing. This is absolutely crucial for any local business as it helps in targeting customers within your area. Head to Google My Business and sign up. The process is easy and free and you can get a verified listing up on Google within two weeks. 

Content Marketing

You need to be publishing engaging, relevant content on a frequent basis. This is arguably the most time-consuming part of promoting a phone repair store but it’s also the most rewarding. Sites such as Android Central have consistent content rolling out every day and the content is engaging.  Content covering phone repairs needs to be updated regularly as there are always new phone models coming out which means users are facing new problems they need solutions for. A great content strategy is to create blog posts based on common phone problems, for example, reasons as to why my phone battery won’t work or common solutions to fix a broken microphone on my Samsung. These are common problems people are searching for every day and if you have a well-informed post that helps people address these problems, they will read your content.

Whether you have a phone repair store, laptop repairs or any other gadget repair service, you want to be using social media, SEO and content marketing as part of your content strategy. It’s mandatory in 2020 to have an active online profile where customers can easily find you and use your service.