How to Add Request A Quote Button in Google My Business


Step 1. Download & open the Google My Business app on your mobile phone

Step 1. Download & open the Google My Business app on your mobile phone

Step 2. Open the location you’d like to manage.

Step 3. Tap Customers at the bottom

Step 3. Tap Customers at the bottom

Step 4. Tap Messages.

Step 4. Tap Messages.

Step 5. Tap Turn on.

Step 5. Tap Turn on.

That’s it. You will now have the Button on your listing, and it should look like the below:


It’s worth mentioning that this new feature doesn’t apply to every business type. It can only be enabled on limited service-based businesses. According to Google, 

“Messaging with customers in the Google My Business app is currently available to select merchants in select countries.”

Adding the Request a Quote Button 

You’ll need the Google My Business app which you can download free of charge from Google Play or Apple Store. While it’s compatible with desktop and mobile, some features can only be accessed from either mobile or desktop. For instance, to remove a listing you have to use a desktop. If you want to view your followers you can only do so through a mobile gadget. 

Your listing will be updated in real-time and you’ll be able to see your consumers’ messages listed in chronological order. You can configure an automated welcome message from the messaging settings. This will be automatically sent to potential customers who message you. You can also share photos with your potential customers through messages. 

How does it work?

The ‘Request a Quote’ button is linked to a messaging feature that’s available in Google My Business. This means when a prospect clicks on the button they launch a private message with your business listing. This allows them to engage in a live chat conversation with one of your representatives.

Once a prospect sends a message, it appears in the Google My Business app and you’ll receive an alert. Assuming your different team members manage your Google My Business listing, each of them can reply to the potential customers. Potential customers can access your profile name and photo from your ‘About me’ page. 

What Happens Next?

Google has said that they’ll be configuring an application programming interface (API) to facilitate third-party alliances with the new feature. Custom SMS routing for instance will help you manage your messages better.

If you want to be among the first to know when this service (Custom SMS routing) is made available for testing you can join the waiting list. This messaging feature is just but the beginning of big things to come.

If the plan is to roll it out permanently, then Google will develop more messaging options that can easily answer common questions. These will also provide potential customers with an instant quote. This is a fun development to keep watching in the next 12 months.