How Much Money Do SEO Consultants Make?

seo consultant salary

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to place your business ahead of your competition on Google search. As a result, many companies are using it to market their products and services online. As such, being an SEO consultant could be a lucrative career.

As such, being an SEO consultant could be a lucrative career. How much would you earn as an SEO consultant? Is there an approximate figure that you can work with? The truth is that SEO has many variables that must be considered. 

How Much Do SEO Consultants Earn?

Generally, SEO consultants make between R1000 to R3000 per hour or R25,000 to R100,000 per month with an average salary of R800,000 a year. Work with multiple clients and charge an average of R 20,000 per client every month, that could add up to a nice figure at the end of the year. With competition getting fiercer, SEO earnings can only be expected to go higher as more businesses get on board.

If you have the occasional short-term client, your earnings will increase significantly. SEO agencies, as well as freelancers, charge around R 1200 per hour. Most SEO professionals work an average of 26 hours per week. This adds up to at least 59% of their time spent on search engine optimisation assignments. 

Seeing as there is an increase in the number of businesses seeking SEO services, these earnings can be expected to increase. Also, SEO is a viable career to consider. The most popular SEO services include social media marketing, website design, link building and content outreach as well as reputation management. These and more require skilled SEO professionals to keep myriads of businesses looking good online. 

how much money do seo consultants make

SEO Charges

When you seek out the services of a consultant, you realise that they do not give you a standard quotation. However, some research indicates that there is a range of pricing. You can charge your clients an hourly rate (between R 1000 to R 3000 per hour). 

However, it may be more prudent to work with monthly rates. This is referred to as a retainer. Many SEO agencies charge between R 5000 and R 20,000 per month. 

SEO Pricing Systems

Monthly Retainer

As mentioned earlier, this one is the most popular among SEO agencies. It enables you to build a long-term relationship with your clients and ensures a steady income. This is generally between R 15,000 and R 50,000 per month, depending on the client you have signed up. 

One-Time Project

This one is short-term. However, with excellent services, you may have repeat projects with a one-time client. Many SEO professionals charge between R 50,000 and R 150,000+ for projects. 

Hourly Projects

These are mainly for small websites or those that only need occasional assistance. You work with on-demand, or for a few hours. Many of the websites in need of this service are startups that need help manage and implement their marketing strategies. Charges: R 1000 to R 3000 per hour.


Search Engine Optimization is crucial for the contemporary business as many consumers search for products and services online. With proper use, a small company can build up a loyal consumer base and expand in record time. 

With this realisation, almost every business is looking SEO to build a good and sustainable online presence. Many SEO professionals are making an excellent living from helping businesses meet their objectives.