How Much Does an SEO Consultant Cost?

search engine optimization consultant pricing

Competition in Google is getting more extreme every day, even with an SEO consultant at your side. Also, a business without an online presence is hardly taken seriously anymore. The first thing consumers want to know is if you have a website. They want to be able to contact their service provider directly. 

It is, therefore, imperative for businesses to make their presence felt online. SEO is the tested and proven way to ensure you are found on the internet. Online marketing is necessary for any business to survive in this digital age. 

How Much Do SEO Consultants Cost?

An SEO consultant can cost anywhere from R 1000 to R 3000 per hour or R 25,000 to R 50,000 per month. For projects, consultants generally charge between R 50,000 and R 150,000+

Hence the question: how much does SEO consultation cost? Most SEO firms will present four categories of services with their attending costs. These are explained in detail below. 

how much does an seo consultant cost

A Monthly Retainer Service

An SEO consultant can make money in different ways. The business pays a set amount of money every month. The SEO firm provides a constant supply of services. This category is the most popular because the Return on Investment (ROI) is quite substantial. 

The plan incorporates the following features:

  • On-page content changes
  • Keyword research
  • Customary analytics reports
  • Third-party referencing
  • Advancement
  • Press release

Fixed-Rate Contract Services

Almost all SEO firms offer contracts. Before you get on the monthly retainer, you will choose the contract benefits that you require. The contract is published on the agency’s website together with the pricing. 

The contract will take into consideration issues such as the following:

  • The strengths and flaws in your online presence
  • Your most effective keywords
  • Competitive analysis

Costing Based on the Project

This category is customised for the specific needs of your project. This means that the pricing will depend on the particulars of your project. Also, it means that your quotation may not be the same as that of a different service provider because the needs are different. 

Hourly Consulting

This is an hourly charge for the services the agency provides. Most of the agencies you will come across use these models. You may find it beneficial to engage your SEO provider in three categories for better results. 

Therefore, you may opt for the monthly retainer, get into a contract service and still have the hourly consulting service. For example, the cost for SEO in Johannesburg could be around R 700 to R 1300 per hour. 

How Much Will SEO Cost You?

Here is an overall look at the various costs of SEO per the categories as mentioned above:

Monthly Retainer

The amount you pay is pegged on the needs of your business as well as the services you provide. The costs range between R 2500 and R 30,000 per month. There are upper range prices for businesses that work with SEO agencies that provide full benefits. These pay R 25,000 to R 50,000 per month. 

Contract Services 

These include various categories of the contract, such as:

  • SEO copy-writing: R 1.70 to R 5.80 per word
  • Site content review: R 5000 to R 75,000
  • Link profile review: R 5000 to R 75,000
  • Social media website setup: R 5000 to R 30,000


There are a variety of projects to consider here. The pricing ranges between R 50,000 and R 150,000+


Contemporary businesses must have a robust online presence. SEO is a significant factor because it ensures that your company is well-positioned on the Google page. When you are easy to find, you have a higher chance of boosting your customer base.