How Can I Do SEO in 2020?

how can i do seo 2020

SEO works best if you stay on top of new tactics. The old ones may frustrate you as some no longer work. In 2020, SEO is not just about creating content and building links. Including a keyword or two may have worked nicely in the past but you need to do more to be visible now.

There are emerging trends that you must be aware of and learn to use for SEO to work well in 2020. Some of the emerging tactics include the following:

SEO must now be about providing the following:

  • An awesome experience for the user
  • Fast page speed
  • Getting natural links
  • Mobile friendly
  • Creating a lot more relevant and high-quality content

Relevant and Quality Content 

This is the one thing that is expected to remain constant. Naturally, if you are going to generate any sales off your website, the content must be beyond reproach. It is no longer kosher to just create content to be seen to have created it.

Your content must address your reader’s needs by answer the questions they have as well as solving their problems. Google expects your website to have the following qualities:

  • The pages should be made for the user; not for Google search engines
  • To contain truthful information
  • To lay off shortcuts intended to improve rankings in the search engine
  • To be unique
  • To be engaging
  • To avoid clickbait

You are required to come with a site that is one of a kind and meets Google’s exacting standards. However, it must be created with the user in mind.

But in order to meet Google’s quality standards, your content must first and foremost be created for your readers. You must also factor in promoting your site through the following:

  • Social media
  • Paid advertisements
  • Email automation

Match Your Content to the Intent of the User

In the past, content was considered to be of high quality if it utilized strong keywords. Those have not to be disregarded this year. However, it is better to match your content to the user’s intent.

Users usually search for information with the intent to purchase something or simply for information purposes. Google may determine what the user’s intent is and provide them with a list that matches that intent.

For instance, if they look like they want to make a purchase, they will be provided with a list of e-commerce websites. These sites will naturally be related to what the user wants to buy.

Build Links

A strategy that will work well this is building backlinks to go with your content. Some of the links you should be thinking about include the following:

  • Editorial links
  • Whitehat acquired links


The bottom line is that SEO is a little different than it was in previous years. Adding a feature such as bonus information is a great strategy to have your content picked during a search. Also, it is not just about creating content and adding a few keywords. This year, you must you’re your users rather than search engines in mind as you create your content.