Ahrefs Releases Free Webmaster Tools

ahrefs webmaster tools review

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is a dream come true for every content creator.

The tools allow content creators to gain free access to Site Audit and Site Explorer for websites that are verified. The tools do not contain any new features in Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. What they do is provide a few parts of Ahrefs available for free. 

What if I Already Have Ahrefs?

If you are already using Ahrefs, then you get to enjoy a lot of new features. Let us look at some of the benefits in brief:

Unrestricted Number of Verified Projects Right on Your Dashboard

The new features come with a wide range of projects you can add to your account. This is no longer based on your plan’s allowance. The current AWT allows you to add an indefinite number of projects to your Ahrefs account. 

Hence, you can also add your clients’ websites. However, they must allow you to access the following:

  • Google Search Console data
  • Editing rights
  • DNS records

Additional “per project” Limits for Verified Websites

Ahrefs has a new type of credit coming up which they call ‘Per Project Limits’. This applies strictly to verified websites. Current Ahrefs users can get these credits as well as the existing plan limits. 

Here’s what this means:

  • Site Explorer

Once you plug into a verified website, you will not deplete your usual plan’s monthly fee. You are allowed to attain your additional limits for verified projects before your allowance is used up. 

  • Site Audit

You are allowed an additional 5,000 free monthly crawl edits for all verified projects. 

ahrefs webmaster tools dashboard

Lite Plan Improvements

You can now see all the keywords your websites are ranking for in the top 100 positions. However, you must verify ownership of the websites. You are no longer limited to 20 keyword rankings for your verified websites. 

JavaScript Rendering Available on All Plans

JavaScript rendering is now available on all plans including lite and standard plans. Previously, it was missing on the two plans.

Also, there is a new verification method. You can use Google Search Console for your verification needs. All you have to do is to connect your Google Account to Ahrefs. 

Also, you can access GSC and Analytics data in raw form and on the Dashboard Site Audit. This is available to you and your team only. It will not be shared with other users. 

Ahrefs may use anonymized and aggregated data to better their CTR as well as their search volume models. They use these to determine keyword volume as well as the distribution of clicks in SERPs. 

If you have reservations about your data being used, for instance, to train algorithms, you can use any of the other methods. These include:

  • DNS record
  • HTML tag
  • HTML file

You can use these to verify your websites. 

The new AWT benefits are appealing as they everyone can now use Ahrefs. Current users will enjoy the free additional benefits and new ones can get on board and enjoy working with Ahrefs.